Analgesic-Antiseptic Solution

Composition :

Clove Oil I.P. 8.5%
Phenol I.P. 28.5%
Menthol I.P. 1.5%
Thymol I.P. 1.5%
Glycerin I.P. Q.S.

For Tooth Ache :

Take enough cotton, sufficient enough for carious tooth. Saturate it with Pain Off and apply directly on the painful tooth. After about two minutes remove the cotton, clean the cavity carefully and once again apply Pain Off as mentioned above to bring prolonged relief.

For Root Canal Treatment :

Make a thick paste with Zinc Oxide and Pain Off and use as a pulp or root filling material.

For other Ailments :

E.g.: Painful third molar flap, painful gums or ulcers; saturate cotton and touch on painful part, followed by covering the affected area with a wad of cotton saturated in Gumex. Advice patient to use a pellet soaked in Gumex 2-3 times daily for 5 minutes.

Note :

If on application of Pain Off, the pain increases, it indicates near exposure to the pulp, for relief, use a small pellet saturated with Gumex.

Presentation :

Available in bottle of 20 ml