Dental Pulp Fixation Solution

Composition :

Formalin I.P. 20.0%, Cresol I.P. 32.0%, Glycerin I.P. Q.S

Uses :

  1. For Pulp Fixation
  2. For pulpotomy and partial pulpectomy of Vial Primary Tooth with carious

Direction For Use :

  1. Anesthetize and isolate the tooth with a rubber dam
  2. Remove all decayed tissue
  3. Remove cavity pulp roof
  4. Remove crown pulp (pulpotomy)
  5. Rinse cavity pulp using detergent and humectants irrigation solution
  6. Apply FORMOA-CRESOL on pulp stump using a cotton pellet, (blot or wring any excess Formoa Cresol from the pellet) and wait for 5 to 7 minutes until the hemostasis
  7. Remove the cotton pellet and apply a layer of Zinc Oxide and Eugenol and other with Zinc Phosphate Cement than restore with amalgam or steel crown
  8. Care should be taken that Formoa-Cresol should not be spread on the soft tissues of mouth and if it does, then apply Gumex

Presentation :

Available in bottle of 20 ml.