Local Dental Anesthesia

Composition :

Lignocaine 2% with Adrenaline 1 : 80,000

Descriptions :

  1. Lignocaine in Lignoden is specially formulated to provide dental anesthesia that reversibly blocks the nerve transmission.
  2. Adrenaline in Lignoden diminishes the rate of absorption of Local anesthetic; prolongs its local effects and reduces blood flow at the site of surgery.

Indications :

For production of local anesthesia during dental procedures by infiltration or nerve block injections.

Contraindications & Warnings :

  1. Not be given to patients with hypovolaemia, heart block or other conduction disturbances, and should be used with caution in patient with congestive heart failure, bradycardia, or respiratory depression, arterial hypertension.
  2. Lignocaine metabolites in the liver and must be given with caution to patients with hepatic insufficiency.
  3. The plasma half life of Lignocaine may be prolonged in conditions which reduce hepatic blood flow, such as cardiac and circulatory failure.
  4. Do not use in children below 3 years of age.

Presentation :

Vial of 30 ml