Antiseptic Cavity Lining Solution

Composition :

Resin I.P. 40.0%
Phenol I.P. 30.0%
Chloroform I.P. 0.4%
Glycerin I.P. Q.S.

For Hardening the sensitive dentine :

Isolate tooth, by cotton rolls, clean the tooth, and rub CARBO RESIN

For arresting oozing of blood from socket :

Paint CARBO RESIN® on the root socket.

For post-operative sensitivity... CV cervical abrasion, Generalized Attrition, Crown-Bridge Work :

Rub CARBO-RESIN® on the sensitive area

For Lining the Superficial Cavity :

In case of shallow cavity where a medicated cotton plug or gutta-percha cannot stay use Carbo-Resin on sufficient cotton and plug in the cavity. Use as cavity lining before silver filling. Just paint the prepared cavity with Carbo-Resin and dry the cavity by air.

For temporary filling :

Carbo-Resin and Zinc Oxide is ideally suited as temporary filling material, it hardens within 10-15 minutes unlike other materials which take 2-3 hours. Lining will prevent thermal pulpal shocks and the filling will adhere well to the cavity walls.

Presentation :

Available in bottle of 20 ml