Anti - Biotics

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Composition : Each tablet contains

Ofloxacin       200 mg
Ornidazole     500 mg

Descriptions :

· Ofloxacin belongs to the first generation Fluoroquinolones, effective against a particular range of Gram
   positive and Gram negative bacteria.
· Ornidazole is a highly potent nitroimidazole with good activity against anaerobic bacteria and protozoa.


Ofloxacin :

· Ofloxacin is relatively lipid soluble.
· Food does not interfere with its absorption.
· It is excreted largely unchanged in urine.
· Dose needs to be reduced in renal failure.


· Ornidazole is almost completely absorbed from the small intestine.
· It is widely distributed in the body attaining therapeutic concentration in vaginal secretions, semen,
   saliva and CSF(cerebro spinal fluid).
· Compared to Metronidaole, it is slowly metabolized in Liver & excreted in urine. Plasma ½ life is 12-14

Adverse effects :

· Ofloxacin and Ornidazole have good safety records.
· Side effects occur in <10% cases but are generally mild.
· Gastrointestinal – nausea, vomiting, metallic taste or bad taste, anorexia, abdominal cramps are the
   most common.
· Occasionally diarrhea may be seen. Less frequent side effects are dizziness, headache, restlessness,
   glossitis,dryness of mouth, insomnia, impairment of concentration & transient neutropenia.
· Skin hypersensitivity – rashes, pruritis, urticaria etc.
· Prolonged administration may cause CNS neuropathy and CNS effects.
· Seizures occur after very high doses

Ofloxacin :

· Ofloxacin and its oxo-metabolite do not interfere with theophylline clearance and its major metabolic
· Ofloxacin has no significant effect on caffeine metabolism and elimination.
· Antacids, sucralfates and iron salts given concurrently reduce the absorption of Ofloxacin.
· NSAIDS may enhance the CNS toxicity of Ofloxacin.
Ornidazole :

· A disulfiram like intolerance to alcohol occurs.
· Phenobarbitone, Rifampicin may reduce its therapeutic effects.
· Cimetidine can reduce its metabolism.
· Concomitant use of oral anticoagulants may increase the risk of hemorrhage.
Contraindications :

· Hypersensitivity to quinolone antibiotics an d to Ornidazole or other Nitromidazoles
· 1st Trimester of pregnancy , Epilepsy or predisposition to seizures
· Neurological disorders
· Blood dyscrasiae
· Chronic alcoholism

Dosage : One tablet of OXIMARS™ - OZ , 2-3 times a day, or as directed by physician

Presentation : 10 x 10 Tablets

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